70% of deals fail due to lack of preparation or process

DealMaker360 is a comprehensive cloud-based tool that helps wrangle the paper and people involved in a transaction to ensure it gets done in a timely manner.

Guides You Every Step of the Way

Our team of M&A experts have created patent-pending tools to simplify and streamline your transaction

  • Prepare for Sale
    Preparing for a business sale
    • A detailed list of items to find and upload BEFORE you approach buyers.
    • Templates are provided to make it easy
    • Build a team, delegate tasks, and communicate securely — all in one place
  • Find a Buyer with our Marketing Website
    Includes a marketing website to help find buyers
    • Easily promote your business for sale on Facebook, Craigslist and others
    • Interested buyers enter through DealMaker, eliminating SPAM emails to you daily
  • Manage Multiple Buyers & Offers
    Tools to easily manage potential buyers and their offers
    • DealMaker requires an NDA from interested buyers, protecting your data
    • Buyers submit an offer using the DM360 offer form – keeping it clean
    • Once offer is accepted, other buyers are locked out of the data room
  • Complete Due Diligence
    Manage files, exhibits and schedules to complete an agreement
    • DM360 helps compile all exhibits and schedules to complete the deal
    • Easily send all files to your attorney in one zip file to save time and money
  • Close Deal & Transition
    Create and follow a transition plan
    • Walk through all steps required to hand over your business

Offer DM360 To Your Clients, Be Their Hero

Selling a business is one of the most significant and stressful transactions your clients will ever complete. DM360 empowers you to help them get through the process while billing for hours and access, rather than referring them to someone else. This is a win-win for everyone.

Offering this service is easy. Learn more about the process below.

Open Account

Create a DealMaker360 account, from which you'll you'll be able to access all client accounts

Send Invites

Send invitations to each client that hires you to advise them on the sale of their business

Deal Proceeds

App provides transactional guidance while your client walks themselves through the sale process


Charge for your time, management of the process and access to the software

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Ready for the "Tidal Wave"?

Over the next decade, a “tidal wave” of small businesses will be for sale.

Annually, more than one million U.S. business owners attempt to sell, and an even greater number are looking to buy. Approximately 70% of these “deals” fail because selling a business is a process-driven transaction, not an anecdotal one.

Case in point: U.S. business owners spend over $35B every year on professionals and services to help them transition, yet most of their efforts are unsuccessful. However, that is changing!

Introducing a new player in the market: a process driven software for transactions – DealMaker360.

If you are a CPA or a “business advisor,” regardless of your experience, you now have a software platform that will greatly enhance your practice with a much-needed client-focused tool.

With DealMaker360, you have the ability and tools (valuation, gross consideration schedules, transactional documents, just to name a few) to provide assistance when a client is considering a sale. Simply charge for the software and your regular hourly rate for setting up the software, and DealMaker360 will guide your client through the entire step-by-step process of completing a transaction.

Note: The typical DealMaker360 small business transaction should generate hourly fees in excess of $12K over a 60-90 day period for the “business advisor,” which is typically a CPA. This number does not include the critically important transactional tax-related advisory.

Simple Pricing

A Plan for Every Business — from corner stores to law firms

DealMaker360 Professional Edition

For Professionals

CPAs, Lawyers, Law Firms & Brokerages — Easily organize and manage multiple transactions and coordinate buyer and seller activities.

  • All SMB features, customized for pros
  • Manage sale of multiple clients’ businesses
  • Create files bundle and send to other professionals
  • Add and manage activities relevant to the sale of a business

Starting At

Paid Yearly See Plans Or, Learn More

* $299 if paid monthly


For Business Owners

End-to-end process and framework designed to help you sell your own business while avoiding mis-steps and common pitfalls.

  • Gather interest with a free Marketing Website
  • Organize the transaction with intuitive checklists
  • Value your business with our Valuation Tool
  • Manage multiple buyers, offers, and team members


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