Sell a small business anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

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For CPAs, Attorneys, Brokers

Help your small business clients sell their businesses. You purchase the software and bill your clients for use + your advisory time. Run up to 10 deals at a time!

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Small Business

For Business Owners

Use DealMaker360 to sell your business. Add anyone to the software as a team member, and invite as many buyers as you want to review your details and submit offers.

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Guides you every step of the way

Our team of M&A experts has created patent-pending software to simplify and streamline your transaction

Sale prep task list

Prepare for sale

We guide you through a detailed workflow of items to find and upload BEFORE you engage with a buyer. Templates for common deliverables are provided to make it easy.

Build a team, delegate tasks, and communicate securely — all in one place

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Marketing website

Find a buyer with our marketing website

Easily promote your business for sale on Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular sites.

Set your company profile to "anonymous" mode to keep your business information confidential.

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List of deals

Manage multiple buyers and offers

DealMaker requires an NDA from interested buyers, protecting your data. Buyers submit offers using a secure offer form, and once you accept an offer, other buyers are locked out of the data room

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Creating an offer

Complete due diligence

DealMaker360 helps compile all exhibits and schedules required to complete the deal.

Easily send all files to your attorney or other advisors in one zip file to save time and money.

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Document archive

Close the deal and transition

We will walk you through all of the steps required to hand over your business.

DealMaker360 ensures that you check all of the boxes necessary to keep your deal from falling through!

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70% of small business transactions fail to close.
Success starts with choosing DealMaker360!

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