Resources for Professionals That Help SMB Owners Sell Their Businesses

Articles and tips specifically for attorneys, CPAs and other professionals that help clients sell their small businesses.

Industry Terms & Descriptions

Buyer: a person or entity who has purchased, or is considering purchasing, a business/companySeller: a person or entity who has sold, or is considering selling, a businessDeal or transaction: a process by which two or more parties, for their mutual benefit, have completed or are contemplating com…Read More

CPA/Business Advisor: Close The Deal And Transition Your Client’s Business To The New Owner

You and your client are at the finish line because: You assisted your client with getting their business location(s) looking their best, inside and out All of your client’s basic business documentation is now in order You and your client have agree to a range of value for the business There i…Read More

CPAs & Business Advisors: A New Profitable Tool — Be Your Clients’ Hero!

Fact #1 Eric Hansen, Chairman of the AICPA, has stated that he believes the accounting profession must embrace both technology and the advisory side of the business to be truly successful in the future. DealMaker360 fits perfectly! Fact #2 CPAs and Business Advisors are uniquely qualified to assis…Read More

CPA / Professional Advisor: Assist Your Client In Preparing Their Business for Sale

When assisting your client with preparing their business for sale or for a valuation by a third party, it’s important to remember that first impressions are critical to a prospective buyer. To ensure your client passes the “curb appeal” test, complete these two steps. Step One: Documentation A…Read More

CPA / Professional Advisor: How to Successfully Assist Your Client in Selling Their Company

Whether your client purchased a small business a year ago, or they have spent years — maybe even a lifetime — building their business, it’s critically important for them to have an exit plan and a process to achieve their exit goals. Once they are ready, assist them with putting together an in…Read More

CPA / Business Advisor: Final Due Diligence and Documentation

You and your client are now close to the finish line because: Your client’s business documentation is in order and in the correct format The business property(s) looks good (inside & out) You and your client have a range of value for the business One or more buyers for the business have b…Read More

CPA’s/ Business Advisors: How To Assist Your Client With Marketing Their Business

Your client’s business looks good (inside and out), their basic documentation is in order. Additionally, you have explored valuations with your client, and you have a range of value for their business. Now you are ready to begin assisting your client with the process of marketing their busines…Read More

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