CPAs & Business Advisors: A New Profitable Tool — Be Your Clients’ Hero!

by Martin Hansen

CPAs & Business Advisors:  A New Profitable Tool — Be Your Clients’ Hero!

Fact #1

Eric Hansen, Chairman of the AICPA, has stated that he believes the accounting profession must embrace both technology and the advisory side of the business to be truly successful in the future. DealMaker360 fits perfectly!

Fact #2

CPAs and Business Advisors are uniquely qualified to assist their Small Business Client with the process, and no transactional experience or license is needed!


What Is DealMaker360?

DealMaker360’s software ( is a patent-pending technology built for the CPA and their small business client.  This advisory software takes the CPA and client start-to-finish through the process of selling a business. Below is a small sampling of some of the software’s features:

  • Assist with getting the business’s location (inside and out) ready for sale
  • Assist with completing a business profile, which the software’s adaptive intelligence then uses to create a marketing website
  • Assist with finding a buyer if your client does not have one
  • Assist the user(s) with setting up their “team” for easy communications with all parties by entering an email address for each team member
  • Assist with creating a market valuation range for discussion purposes
  • Assist with sending/receiving electronically signed confidentiality agreements
  • Assist with an initial due-diligence list and secure data uploads
  • Assist with transactional documentation for most types of transactions
  • Assist with a transition schedule for use after the close of the sale.

How Do CPAs and Business Advisors Profit?

You can profit from the software in one of two ways:

  1. Your client buys the Small Business Edition software at $79.00 monthly and you become a team member. You assist them with the DealMaker360 process and bill your hourly rate to your client for assistance; or
  2. You purchase the Professional Edition for $299.00 monthly, which enables you to have multiple clients on the software at any given time. You then bill each client  an amount of your choosing for the use of the software, along with your hourly rate as you assist them with the process.

The Time Is Now!

  • There is a “tidal wave” of small businesses that will be for sale over the next decade including your clients
  • The millions of businesses controlled by Baby Boomers is just the beginning of this incredible trend
  • Annually, over a million U.S. business owners attempt to sell, with an even greater number of buyers trying to buy
  • Approximately 75% of these “deals” fail, because selling a business is a process-driven transaction, not an anecdotal one
  • Small business owners spend in excess of $35B every year on professionals and other services to help them transition their businesses, many unsuccessfully — that will change with
  • The average CPA involved in a transaction bills 40+ hours, not including advisory hours for transactional tax treatment or planning. Therefore, serving in an advisory capacity for these deals is very profitable!

70% of small business transactions fail to close.
Success starts with choosing DealMaker360!

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